1. Sympathy & Memorial Plants

Sympathy & Memorial Plants

Express yourself perfectly during times of sorrow with an elegant, living sympathy plant. As opposed to flowers, plants will continue to serve as a tribute to a life well-lived long after the funeral service is over. If you need assistance, please contact our Specialty Sympathy Advisors toll free at 1-866-538-2259.

Our collection of sympathy plants includes both plants delivered by a local florist and a selection that can be shipped to the family's home or office.

A sophisticated and beautiful way to show your care and support, sympathy plants also aid in the healing process. Research shows that contact with nature can significantly improve mind, body and spirit. According to scientific studies, the presence of remembrance plants during recovery from a difficult experience prompts positive emotions, lowers stress levels, and can even improve heart rate and blood pressure.

Plants can also help the healing process by naturally filtering the air. A recent NASA study concluded such plants as Gerbera daisies and English ivy are known to remove toxins from the air through their leaves, roots, and soil. Also fragrant flowers such as roses and lavender can promote relaxation and general well being.

Green Plants: Long-lasting green plants are tasteful and sophisticated expressions of sympathy. They're perfect as memorial or remembrance gifts due to their versatility and hardiness.

Dish Gardens: A classic memorial, mixed dish gardens bring blooming color and unique style during the grieving process. Crafted using a variety of green and blooming plants and presented in an elegant container for displaying on a tabletop, dish gardens are perfect for friends, family members and business associates to send to the home or office to express sympathy.

Floor Plants: Abundant floor plants are bold and beautiful expressions of condolences. Typically sent to either the service or to the home by friends, family members or colleagues.

Gardenia Plants: The gardenia's glossy, dark-green leaves and fragrant, creamy-white blooms help create an elegant tribute to friends and loved ones. One of nature's most sophisticated flowers.

Peace Lily: The universal floral symbol for conveying sympathy, the Peace Lily also represents love, serenity and the rebirth of the soul.

Dried Wreaths: The circular wreath is a symbol of eternal life, and a dried wreath signifies everlasting memories. A graceful way for friends, family members and business associates to send condolences.

Plantable Trees: A gift of a tree that can be planted outdoors to the grieving family symbolizes everlasting love and is a fitting memorial for lost loved ones.